Urology America

Practice Autonomy

By joining Urology America, practices have the unique opportunity to be at the forefront of developing a first class, physician-centric urology network – a network that includes premier, well-respected physicians who are continually focused on improving and expanding patient services.

Each Urology America partner maintains complete practice autonomy in their local markets. However, they gain access to corporate support in areas of physician recruitment, human resources, credentialing, payor contract negotiations, referral network development and local marketing. Additionally, a wealth of resources are available through the Urology America clinical network in which medical improvement, techniques and knowledge sharing is available.

Your partnership with Urology America ensures collaboration with a financially secure group, quality physicians, access to high quality services and a broader network strategy that benefits all stakeholders.

One of the greatest benefits of joining our platform is the ability to improve patient care. While local physicians maintain total control of how their practices are run, they’re able to learn from Urology America experts to access needs and implement new ideas. For example, sharing clinical expertise, exploring the ability to initiate clinical research or investing in new equipment and technologies.

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