Urology America

Core Values

At Urology America, our team is focused on the success of our platform and its individual practices. We believe that our core values support this goal and benefit our partner providers and their patients. You’ve worked hard to build a prosperous, highly regarded business. Urology America is here to acknowledge and support your successes, while offering value added initiatives.

Our core values include the following beliefs and opportunities:

Improve Patient Care and Experience

  • We recognize the importance of having every practice retain their local clinical autonomy.
  • Our platform is ready to invest in equipment, sites and services to provide comprehensive urological services.
  • We believe it is imperative to continually improve the patient experience (scheduling, in-office, NPS scoring, etc.).
  • Our partners benefit from sharing best practices and clinical research.

Reduce Administrative Burden

How our leadership team and physicians partners can help:

  • Reduce recruiting and credentialing burdens.
  • Manage compliance and payor relationships.
  • Utilize centralized resources to improve business intelligence (KPIs, metrics, etc.).
  • Share and implement best practices for operations.

Grow the Practice and Create Value

  • Add ancillary services efficiently and utilizing past “lessons learned”.
  • Improve patient acquisition strategies.
  • Implement disciplined operations / investment decision making.
  • Negotiate vendor and payor contracts = cost savings.
  • Complete and integrate acquisitions in local markets.
  • Add new physicians, Advanced Practice Providers and navigate retirements.

We’re excited to hear from your group and answer your questions. Contact us to learn more about Urology America.