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Urology Austin

Urology Austin, PLLC is the largest urology practice in the Austin metro area. Urology Austin has over 50 healthcare providers including Urologists, a Radiation Oncology and Anatomic Pathologist, Advanced Practice Providers (APPs) and Pelvic Floor Physical Therapists serving patients in 18 locations.

Currently, Urology Austin has over 50 healthcare providers including Urologists, a Radiation Oncology and Anatomic Pathologist, Advanced Practice Providers (APPs) and Pelvic Floor Physical Therapists. Providers serve patients at 18 locations located in Austin, several surrounding municipalities and adjoining counties. Urology Austin physicians are highly trained and respected in their specialty, many being recognized on a national level for their expertise and innovation.

Urology Austin’s comprehensive medical philosophy has expanded the practice to include a nationally accredited in-house pathology lab and pharmacy, a clinical research department, prostate cancer, overactive bladder and Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia navigation programs, as well as the renowned Austin Center for Radiation Oncology.


Urology Associates of Denver

Urology Associates of Denver was founded more than 30 years ago to offer exceptional and innovative urologic care to the Denver metro area and their home state of Colorado. As they’ve grown, they’ve taken great care to find providers who are equally committed to the art of medicine and the best in patient care. Currently, Urology Associates has seven Urologists and six Advanced Practice Providers serving patients at three locations in the Denver metro area.

Their providers offer expertise in male, female and general urology, urologic oncology, robotic and laparoscopic surgery, male infertility, female and reconstructive urology, erectile dysfunction and men’s sexual health, vasectomy and vasectomy reversal. Urology Associates is a recognized leader in treating Colorado’s women, children and men for nearly four decades.


Southern Surgical & Medical Specialists, based in Lafayette, Louisiana, was formed from their parent company Southern Urology, LLC in order to combine several surgical and cancer-treatment specialties into one practice. This allows them to provide the highest level of comprehensive health care services as one practice. Southern Urology has over 20 providers who address a broad range of disorders in the specialties of urology and radiation oncology.

Southern Urology physicians and Advanced Practice providers offer urological services at seven locations. In addition, specialists provide state-of-the-art radiation oncology services at their central location in Lafayette. Their board-certified physicians use advanced equipment and treatment options, to treat cancers of the prostate, breast, head and neck, bladder, and more.