Urology America

Why Join Us

Our model

Urology remains one of the few unconsolidated medical specialties, with most providers operating independently. The Urology America model is built on the belief that local practices must be part of local decision making. We understand that strong physician relationships and engagement will drive growth throughout the entire Urology America platform. Our commitment is to build a partnership model that emphasizes shared governance and aligned economics, physician clinical governance, control and ability to drive compensation with shared upside and equity ownership. While being part of a national, prominent platform, physicians still retain the values and culture of their individual practices.

We believe that our practice partners will benefit from the following:

  • Being part of a network of leading Urology practices in attractive markets
  • Full control and ability to drive compensation with shared upside
  • Equity ownership in Urology America MSO so all shareholders benefit from equity value creation
  • The ability to invest in infrastructure and create alignment
  • Execute local and regional growth strategies
  • Available expertise and resources to meet the challenges of a dynamic healthcare environment
  • Leverage the size of the collective partners to negotiate with payers
  • Expand our influence on vendors and suppliers to drive down costs
  • Build a network of best-in-class providers to attract new physicians
  • Urology America is a thought partner to establish strategic plans to grow ancillary business lines in the best interest of the partnership and community
  • Connectivity and knowledge sharing are part of our culture, and the leaders of our practice are in frequent communication regarding care delivery to their respective communities
  • We maintain great relationships with third parties to explore opportunities to outsource certain service lines in an economically beneficial way

Platform growth

One of the long-term, main benefits when joining our platform, is the depth of Urology America’s available resources to help accelerate organic growth. Our leadership has the experience and insight that can leverage best practices from multiple portfolio companies to drive revenue and margin including patient acquisition strategy, payor contracting, procurement, metric management, among others.

Additionally, there follow some benefits from a scaled organization that can both reduce costs and streamline patient care. Examples include increased investment in IT/infrastructure to make providers’ and support staff’s lives easier, assistance to evaluate opportunities for new offices, and access to a vast network of external contacts that the PE Firm has relationships with.
Some other scalable benefits include:

  • Implementation of best practices
  • Implementation of best-in-class compliance program
  • Improved RCM capabilities
  • Efficient support center
  • Access to data and metrics to improve operations
  • Purchasing power

Partnership mentality

Your group is a leading practitioner. The group has established itself as the dominant force in its region. By partnering with Urology America, it joins a larger organization that can scale opportunities, diversify risk amongst its partners, and share best business and clinical practices across the organization. Your team can leverage the investment of the PE group to kick off new initiatives that are worthwhile as well as gain additional insight on how your practice can adapt to the changing healthcare environment. As investors, there is the potential to have a liquidity event in conjunction with the transaction. Additionally, the larger Urology America entity will continue to evolve into a more streamlined and sophisticated organization. You have potential to be a key part of and advising that transformation.

Urology America goals

Urology America has established decisive, attainable goals that can be achieved with the right partners. First and foremost, we are building a physician-centric model that retains the best features of private practice medicine. Our foundation is built upon unparalleled patient care, physician ownership and clinical control. With the combined strength and expertise of our practice partners, we aim to garner long-term stability in a dynamic, ever changing healthcare market and medical specialty. Urology America’s objective is to stay relevant and control our future in an increasingly consolidated, corporatized world.

Benefits of an affiliation model

Urology America seeks to partner with high-quality, like-minded urology groups that are looking to explore new solutions in a changing healthcare climate, while maintaining the greatest level of patient care. Through a relationship with our network, you’ll gain access to a myriad of benefits that will allow you to successfully grow and improve your practice. As an example, partner practices can gain assistance with the procurement of new office space, lease management and negotiation, furnishings, fixtures, and improvements. Additionally, they can benefit from our expertise and advisement on additional equipment procurement to support new revenue streams, vendor management and dealings – all by leveraging the scale of a larger organization.

Human Resources

Your human resource management can be enhanced by taking advantage of Urology America’s ability to offer payroll and benefits administration, staff / provider recruitment and support, along with labor and employee law compliance.

Administrative and Operational Support

The Urology America team can assist with credentialing knowledge and support, help you maintain recordkeeping systems, offer administrative personnel and services, navigate insurance complexities and payor contracts, and collaborate in analyzing and adjusting your workflows for improved productivity.


Urology America can help build your business through targeted marketing, brand guidance, advertising and public relations, patient communication strategies and referring provider network development.

Contact us to learn more about the benefits of joining the Urology America platform.