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Urology America

Urology America is a national, best-in-class Urology platform founded in Central Texas by Urology Austin physicians and Gauge Capital. Our collective mission is to build a platform that provides unparalleled support to our providers and care team, so they can deliver exceptional and comprehensive urological care, with compassion and service that exceeds expectations.

The foundation of our national platform is built around key tenets: physician ownership, current and future growth, being deliberate in identifying our goals, planning, being flexible and harnessing our experience to drive and achieve our goals.

Physician leadership

We believe that local practices and their providers should play a key role in decision making. As a national platform, we take into consideration that a ‘one size fits all approach’ is not practical. We rely on the expertise of local practices to understand the needs of their communities and how best to address those needs. We know that strong physician leadership and engagement will drive growth throughout our platform. We also commit to a partnership model with shared governance and aligned economics.

Growth oriented

Our platform framework is built with a focus on achieving returns through innovation and revenue growth. This includes drawing on our expertise and collective experience to develop new services where applicable. These initiatives could include building out a pharmacy, surgery center or bringing services such as lithotripsy in-house. We also dedicate resources to assist in marketing practices to build their brand, reputation and new patient numbers.

Reflective and flexible

Urology America seeks to establish partnerships with local, regional and nationally recognized market leaders – practices and physicians committed to providing the highest level of patient care. We trust and acknowledge the integrity and quality of our new partners, and pledge to work together to innovate under a continuous, flexible and learning mindset.

Experience driven

As a national platform, we can leverage the size of the collective partners to negotiate reimbursements with payers, and to expand our influence on vendors and suppliers to reduce our costs. Equally important is that we can leverage our best-in-class providers to attract new physicians and practices to our platform.

Contact us to learn more about Urology America. We’re ready to explore how your practice can benefit from joining our platform.