Urology America

Our Unique Approach

At Urology America, our unique approach to building a best-in-class national platform is focused on complementing your practice’s well-deserved successes. Urology America is enhanced by the leadership and expertise of our partners, so it’s important that our association is built on a strong foundation. We feel that the following approaches are both unique and valuable.

When partnering with Urology Austin, each practice – in every new geography – is regarded as a “Platform” investment. The practice is not an “add‐on” to the existing business. Instead, they are the leader in its Management Service Agreement (MSA) – the relationship between the practice and the MSO (Urology America).

Each Platform retains local clinical autonomy governed by a Clinical Governance Board (“CGB”). Urology America does not have a national board that dictates how local practitioners care for patients.

CGBs have the opportunity to share best practices and new approaches with other partner groups. Sharing information, innovation and successes benefits everyone and helps propel new initiatives, ancillaries and growth opportunities. At Urology America, collaboration is key. This approach shares and implements operational best practices across the system while maintaining flexibility to adjust operations based on local dynamics. Like you, we don’t believe in a one‐size fits all approach. Rather, each Platform is relied upon to share best practices so that all Platforms can benefit.

The CGB would also coordinate with Urology America on a wide range of business topics including:

  • Development of ancillary services
  • Expansion of the practice through new locations, recruitment or in-market acquisitions
  • Practice support needs and operational approach
  • Development of operating and capital budgets
  • IT, equipment and infrastructure needs
  • Strategic planning

Our economic model is based on profitability to ensure that each practice and Urology America are aligned. It’s not revenue‐based, which creates misalignment to invest in staff, infrastructure and growth.

Ultimately, we’re focused on creating a best‐in‐class business – clinically, operationally and financially – not a “scale for scale’s sake” philosophy.

We’re excited to hear from your group and answer your questions. Contact us to learn more about Urology America.